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You don’t find players much more driven at the age of 16 than ‘Young Gun’ Milly Hine, and throughout this polo season, Milly proved she’s one to beat. “I have been very fortunate to have had a such a successful year so far. I started off the season in Argentina during Easter, playing a 16-goal tournament with Hilario Ulloa (10), Juan Martin Zubia (6), and my brother Ned Hine (0). Playing alongside Hilario was incredible as he provided me with so much wisdom and advice throughout the games. Despite many tough matches we made it through to the final, although narrowly losing by a goal.”

This polo season, Milly had the opportunity to compete in many tournaments, including the Holden White Cup at Cowdray Park Polo Club, where Milly and her team ‘BHC’ commenced through to the knock out rounds and progressed through to the final where they took home the trophy.

Milly is currently playing in the Cottington Cup at Guards Polo Club where she is substituting for Park Place in the 16 goal tournament and will soon be playing alongside Nina Clarkin in the Guards Ladies' Charity Polo in support of Breast Cancer Haven

"I really enjoy having a good relationship with my teammates on and off the field, but most importantly I love the camaraderie that comes with any team sport and especially the close connection one has within polo and a team of four." 

When asked if she could relive any moment on the field, Milly replied, “So far I would love to relive the whole experience of playing the Archie David final this year. Winning the final with Shalimar was such an amazing experience and being awarded Most Valuable Player topped off that experience. Hearing the crowd cheering when the team scores a goal and hearing the final bell when your team is on top is just an incredible feeling.” The passion and enjoyment that Milly exudes is what makes her an ideal brand ambassador for Hurlingham Polo 1875.


1. Do you have any tricks or skills that you may have learnt from watching great players such as Adolfo Cambiaso or Rodrido Andrade? / Are there any players that have inspired you growing up?
Two players, which particularly inspired me growing up and still do to this day, are Facundo Pieres and his older brother Gonza. They are both extremely talented players on the field as well as being so lovely and genuinely kind off the field. On top of this they always display the highest level of sportsmanship and fair play, which I admire enormously.

2. If your time weren’t taken up with perusing polo and becoming an up and coming star in the game, what would you be doing instead?
I enjoy a wide range of sports and used to be very passionate about eventing. Up until I turned 10yrs old I spent most of my time focused on eventing and show jumping and then I caught the “polo bug” so if my spare time wasn’t consumed with polo I would have loved to continue with my eventing.

3. In terms of everyday fashion, what would you say is most important to you: style or comfort?
For me it depends on the occasion – I like to align style and comfort as much as I can because although it is important to look stylish or well dressed it is more important to me to be comfortable while trying to achieve a good/tasteful style!

4. Do you have a lucky colour you like to wear on field?
I don’t have a lucky colour as such, but I love to play in bright, bold colours as I feel that it gives me a lift of confidence.

5. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
To play, and even better, win the British Open Gold Cup and the Queens cup here in England. One can’t achieve much higher than this in the UK other than t represent one’s Country. That would be the next on my list!!

6. What is your favourite piece to wear from the HP1875 range?
In terms of a favourite piece from any of the collections I really like the new HP Active Wear jumpers. I have the HP Active Quarter Zip Mid Layer in Grey / Orange that I wear as a unisex jumper (even though it’s a men’s it fits really well in a smaller size!).